Feinstein Institute for Public Service

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Feinstein Institute for Public Service

Statement of Purpose

The Feinstein Institute is dedicated to critical reflection and action on key questions confronting our communities. Over the past two decades, the Institute has been involved in a range of programs for the purpose of:

  • Learning with our community partners about the root causes of the issues being experienced, and
  • Supporting individual and collective action intended to improve social conditions.

Stepping back from our work and reflecting upon it in the current context, we recognize growing threats to the communities with which we partner. Based on this understanding, we find that the Feinstein Institute must confront three questions in our work going forward:

  • How can we contribute to the dismantling of racial injustice and inequity, the persistence of which continues to be a major obstacle to community well-being?
  • What opportunities exist for the Feinstein Institute to combat poverty and economic inequality, locally as well as globally?
  • How can we work with others in the community to enhance the capacity of young people to reach their highest aspirations, for themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods?

Feinstein Institute for Public Service

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